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Nefertiti was the wife of Akhenaten, who was pharoah of egypt during the 18th dynasty. She was and is one of the most famous and beloved egyptian figures. Though her mummy was never uncovered a bust of her was uncovered and is currently at the Egyptian Museum in Berlin.

  • Nefertiti's name means " the beautiful woman has come"
  • She and Akhenaten raised 6 daughters together, but no sons
  • It seems unlikely that Nefertiti is of royal blood, her father was probably a high official
  • Since Akhenaten and Nefertiti ( who was his chief wife) had no male hier, his successors were probably of another wife, Kiya


Nefertiti held a high position in society, because as the pharoahs wife, and without an hier she would've taken up the throne if he had ever died. However, Nefertiti did have a large influence in Egyptian culture and society. The bust of Nefertiti, is one of few artifacts that prove her existance, since for one reason or another, it was attempted by the ancient Egyptians, to erase her from history. Her name was scraped off pillars, and other documents, and many of her statues were destroyed.

Geographic location: Map of Egypt

Accomplishments made by Nefertiti include her influence in the Amarna period art.

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